This year was the first time after decades that was held a Youth Assembly by the Council of Europe. 170 of 600 applicants had the chance to participate at the European Youth Center in Strasbourg. We started to work on topics concerning the main points related to democracy today, such as: 1. Democracy and religion 2. Democracy and globalisation 3. Democracy and new social media 4. Democracy and access to social rights 5. Democracy and youth participation 6. Democracy and the role of youth work/ youth organisations 7. Democracy and migration 8. Democracy and the inclusion of minorities 9. Democracy and citizenship education. During this three days we did a lot of intensive work in order to come up with some concrete concerns about democracy today. Our final outcome was meant to be reported at the opening session of the World Forum for Democracy, held also in Strasbourg. But something happened. The organizers of the WFD, didn't give us, the representative of the YA, the chance to hold our speech. They left us one choice only. We stood up at our seats at the plenary hall, holding each others hands and keeping a tape on our lips in order to transmit the message of how little youth is being heard today. Because of all the media attention. Mr. Jean-Claude Mignon, offered to us 3 minutes from his speech so we finally had the opportunity to address the youth's word to the World Forum for Democracy.